Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Double-sided Bunting Refashion from Shirt Sleeves and Cooking Twine

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A few weeks ago I was planning my market stall and decided I needed some bunting to hang from the sides.  I had seen bunting at parties, on craft sites, and in kids' rooms, but I had never made it.  Coincidentally, around this same time, a non-sewing friend had bunting made for her son's room and it cost her $30.  $30?!?!  Surely I could do it myself.
I investigated the various methods for bunting, and they were all pretty simple: triangles sewn together.
I had a look around my sewing cave room and *lightbulb!* I knew what to use.
Weeks ago I refashioned several dresses/art smocks/dress up outfits from button-up collared shirts and had a pile of sleeves that I had not yet used.
These would be my triangles.
And the string?  I had some cooking twine that I never use (what is it used for besides bunting?), and it would be perfect.
So here's what I did:
Gather your sleeves.  Pick a theme.  Mine is PINK.

Make a triangle template out of newspaper (or whatever).  Trace onto the sleeves USING THE FOLD OF THE SLEEVE AS THE BASE OF THE TRIANGLE.

Sew along the edges leaving about 1/2 inch seam allowance on the fold (and about 1/4 inch on the other sides.)  It doesn't really matter, just make sure you leave enough space to thread the twine through!
Or, if it's easier, you could fold the triangle OVER the twine and sew the seam.  
Either way, your sewn triangles should look something like this:

Thread the twine through and hang up.  Remember, it's double sided so it doesn't have to live on a wall.  Perhaps over a baby's cot?  Or entrance over a doorway?

I also made a blue (boyish) one:

This was very easy and frugal, and took less than 30 minutes.  Enjoy!
And if you know any teachers: While I was sewing, the thought crossed my mind that this would be a fun class project.  Like, each kid gets to decorate a triangle and the teacher can display it in the classroom.  
Your thoughts?


  1. Oh, my Aunt is a Home Economics teacher, I bet she would love this idea. They look so great and way more interesting than any $30 store bought bunting could be! :) Good job.

  2. You are SO creative and talented Casey!! I would've never thought of this. And it's so festive!

  3. cool i do daycare cool decoration idea for all celebrations thanks casey


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