Thursday, October 6, 2011

Refashion 20 minute Winter shirt to Summer shirt

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I refashioned this shirt in 20 minutes.  You can, too!!

Today I decided to wear this cute polka dot skirt, but the pink shirt I normally wear it with was recently ruined in a BBQ tragedy.  (I was making my mom's famous 'chicken on the grill' and wasn't wearing an apron and - gasp! - oil splattered on my shirt.  Now it's in my 'Refash" pile.)
So I had a skirt but no shirt, and I only had 20 minutes before 1) my daughter woke up and 2) we had to leave to go to library story time.
I searched through the shirts hanging in my closet.  Nothing matched this skirt.  Then I searched the folded shirts.  Still nothing.  Then I saw it: the perfect match to the pink polka dots.
Here's what I found.

I love this red shirt, but I live in the tropics, and unfortunately, I only get to wear it 1 month of the year because it's too warm.
The long sleeves had to go.  And time was ticking.
I was nervous about cutting off the sleeves, (actually, I'm still not comfortable cutting up clothes!  I always take a few deep breaths before bringing the scissors to them), but I thought the sleeves would make a cute pair of shorts for my daughter.  I set them aside for another time.

Now we are going to form the shirt to give it some flare.
First, turn the shirt inside-out.  Eyeball where you want the armholes to be (or if you have more time, you can put the shirt on and see what's comfortable).  Mark the arm holes with chalk, and then draw a line extending from the bottom of the armpit to the bottom outside corner of the shirt at a flare/diagonal.

Zigzag stitch on the line and trim off the extra fabric (or use serger/overlocker).

Turn in armholes and stitch.
My shirt has a faux-bodice, but I lost the string for it ages ago.  I went to my stash and found some dark pink ribbon that (sort of) matches, and threaded it through.

And here it is!
With time to spare, I take a few photos of myself in the hallway mirror.

I pack the kids in the car & off we go to story time.  I love my 'new' 20 minute shirt!


  1. That shirt was perfect for todays warm weather and you looked great wearing it! Who would have thought that winter shirt could have become such a lovely summer top!
    I love following what you get up to, so creative!

  2. I'm amazed at how it looks store bought after you cut it up -- and the fact that you did this in 20 minutes. For me, this would be an intimidating weekend project!

  3. Fabulous transformation! Much better for your weather. :) I have been experimenting with sleeves for "sweaters" for my Chihuahua...


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