Monday, October 17, 2011

Refashion Curtain to Girl Apron with Applique Teapot & Ruffles

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I feel like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music!  I have a thing for cutting up curtains...
I made my son a cool Tonka Truck apron out of refashioned curtains a few weeks ago (see the photos and the aprons for sale in my Etsy shop).  I thought it would be cute to make some girl aprons because my daughter willl soon need one, too.
I bought this curtain at the historic Anglican Church in Mossman, Queensland.  (Tourist tip: every Saturday they sell donated items & host the local weekend market to fundraise for various community projects.  The little old ladies sell their homemade jams and still-warm baked goodies.  It's under the raintrees and is a charming community event that I love supporting.)

Can you see the bleach stains near the top?
I love this fabric for aprons because it's a heavy cotton - strong and durable.
And I fell in love with the buttons.

For these curtains, I wanted to use the base of the pink and add some embellishments.
First, make an apron template out of newspaper and trace it onto your fabric.
Also, I lined up the bottom to the existing hem on the curtains.  It's one less step to finish (I'm doing this while my kids are sleeping, so time is precious!).  Cut out.

Because the ends are raw (ie they will fray!), you need to do something to 'finish' them.  I added my home-made bias binding (very easy to do!  Check out MADE for the best tutorial I've seen for making your own) around all the edges.  I also went around the armholes EXTRA long to allow for the neck & back ties.
Next, find a teapot template & some fabric you'll use for the teapot (I used red with white polka dots).  I Googled "teapot outline template" and printed one of the designs.  (I'm not sure who the owner is, otherwise I'd give credit - thank you whoever you are!)  It was a little small, so I enlarged it on the printer.  Cut out your template.  Trace onto the right side of the teapot fabric.  DON'T CUT TEAPOT YET.
Now, cut out a piece of double-sided iron on adhesive, making sure it's a little bigger than the teapot.  As you can see from the photo, I used "Heat n Bond."  Iron the wrong side of fabric to the adhesive.   (while your iron is out, press the apron free of wrinkles.  If you're really keen, you can iron some work shirts, too.  But if you're like me, you don't buy clothes that require ironing, lol.)

Now you have a piece of fused fabric/adhesive.  Carefully cut out the teapot from this fused creation.
Peel away the backing of the adhesive - it's like a sticker now.  Place it on your apron (if you didn't iron it already, make sure to do it now).  Press the teapot in place.  (Note: the while teapot is the paper you just peeled from the back of the teapot).  I angled my teapot as if it was tipping out, but you could also center it.
Applique your teapot to the apron by zig-zag stitching around the outline.
Add embellishments as you prefer - I added two frills in matching red & white polka dots.
The curtain gave me 6 aprons - I've made two!  Which one do you prefer?


  1. OH My Goodness...How Clever and Sweet! And such a good way to support your community! You're the BEST Stellar Mother Ever, Casey!

  2. These are so cute! I like all of them! Really makes me want to iron teapots on all of MY aprons. :) I am all about tea, unless, of course... I am in the mood for coffee! I have about 6 aprons (but I want more) -so I may be busy for a while.

  3. So cute!!! I always like to wear an apron when I cook. Maybe I'll make one of my own. :)


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