Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tween Skirt to Easy Toddler Dress

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My 10 month old daughter is growing, and I don't have enough clothes to meet the demand.  And it's getting very hot in Australia.

Time for a refashion.

Cate has several gorgeous designer outfits from her grandmother & great-grandmother, but I don't feel right dressing her in those clothes when I know they're going to get dirty & grubby.  With 2-3 outfit changes a day + a humid summer, Cate needed a quick & cute dress for our climate.

I went to the local "Nik Nak Shed," a community thrift store in Port Douglas run completely by volunteers.  I found a cool box of airplanes (stocking stuffer!) for my 2 year old for 50 cents, and this cute tween skirt - size 10 - for 50 cents.

I knew I wanted to make another pillow-case type of dress for Cate.  It's easy, it's easy, and it's easy.  And, I've done a few in the past and have gotten lots of great feedback from other mothers, usually in the form of, "Oh wow, did you make that?!  It's SO cute!"

First thing to do is turn the skirt inside/out and cut out the zipper on the side.  Surge/zig zag stitch up the side, following the same straight seam-line that was already in place.  You'll cut off about 1 inch or so.  Leave the other side seam alone.

Next, fold the skirt in half to ensure an equal size arm hole.  Draw arm holes with chalk.  Cut them out.

Using matching bias tape, zig-zag attach it onto the arm holes.  I LOVE using zig-zag stitch with bias tape.  It looks cute on kids clothes AND leaves less room for error in missing catching the material.  

As you can see here, we didn't need to touch the top of the skirt because there was already a nice finish on it.  We're going to use this to our time-advantage: fold it over once (folded towards the inside of the skirt), leaving enough room to thread the ribbon through for the shoulder ties. Sew.

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Thread the ribbon (once piece through the front, one piece through the back).  And you're done!
I'm so in love with the simplicity of this style of dress - am wondering if it's possible to make one in adult sizes???

 I think this dress may be a bit big for Princess Cate... for now...


  1. she is SUPER adorable. Beautiful post. ;)))

  2. Oh Casey, you have truly found your calling. You combine creativity, Internet marketing, business and your very, very clear love of your children -- this business and blog is so you and so wonderful!


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