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Christmas Patchwork Stocking from Scraps via Crazy Quilt method

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One of my favorite memories of Christmas as a child is going through the stockings that Santa left for us.  And now, as a mother with 2 small kids, I've enjoyed buying little 'stocking stuffers' for them that I know they'll love.

Only problem: I don't have stockings for them!

And I refuse to buy them.  Surely they're not that difficult to make?  I'm a new sewer, but I've realized that making things is much easier than I always thought.  (BTW, there are some great youtube videos for stockings - heaps of styles & techniques.  This one works best for me because it's easy.)

So I had a look through my fabric stash and had all kinds of holiday designs: red & white stripes, green & red plaid, red & white snowflakes... but I live in the tropics and didn't really want to do a 'cliche' red/white/green design.  I mean, there's no chance we're having a white Christmas in north Queensland.

Then I thought, "Why not make a non-typical colorful stocking?"


I made my daughter a quilt earlier this year (my first sewing project & inspiration to buy my own sewing machine!), and I had some scraps left over from it.  

I read about 'crazy quilting', and thought I'd give it a go.

Start with a 6-sided piece of fabric.

Get another piece and line it up with one of the edges.  Sew them right sides together, and using a straight-edge, cut off the excess material.

It should look like this:

Keep doing this with your scraps, and check your stocking template (I made one from newspaper) for size.

Keep going...

It's getting closer!

When you're all done with the sewing, pin the stocking front to the template and cut around it to get the stocking shape.  HINT: It's easier to have your pieces overhang the template & trim them to shape rather than forming them to the stocking.

*Optional: If you're going to embellish your stocking, do it now.  I didn't embellish mine, but maybe you want to add buttons, ribbon, embroidery, etc.  Do it now before you start putting pieces together.

Using another bit of scrap, cut out the stocking back.  I had a white cotton shirt that was perfect.

Sew the front & the back together, right sides together.  Trim the corners (little fringes) so that the stocking will lay nice & flat.  Leave the top open (don't stitch the top closed).

Now you're going to attach the part used for hanging the stocking (hanging tab?).  Using ribbon, or scrap fabric, or whatever, sew it to the front of the stocking on the seam of the front/back, sewing it as close to the top as possible.  Make sure it's facing DOWN, as pictured. 

Again, the stocking is right side out.  Set aside for now.

Stocking lining: This is not optional.  Not only does the lining make the stocking look & hang nicer, it also allows you to hide the seams.  If you have a better way, please let me know :)

Again, using scrap (I used a XXL mens dress shirt), cut out 2 sides & sew them together, right sides facing.  And make sure you cut the edges on the lining, too.

***Very important!*** Do not sew all around the lining.  Leave the top open AND leave 4-6 inches opening on one of the sides.  This is to flip it all through at the end!  Trust me... I forgot this and had to unstitch.

So now you have the outer stocking turned right-sides out.  And you have the lining turned inside-out.

Stuff the OUTSIDE stocking inside the lining, making sure the toes face the same direction.  Sew around the top about 1/4 inch or so.

From the opening in the lining, flip the lining right side out.  Sew the opening closed, and stuff the lining into the outside stocking piece.

Hooray, you're finished!

Hang it up,

And admire your finished stocking.  Like I said - it's easy!  Now i just have to do a few more....

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  1. Love the colors you used for this stocking and how you highlighted the bird! I posted it to my CraftBliss FB via Craft Gossip's post.



  2. What a cute idea. I want to make two and hang them on the front door and the back door of our home. Thanks for all the useful tips and ideas.


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