Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Black Dress Refashion from Woman's Halter

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A little black dress - for a very little person.

This is a very easy refashion!!... most of the appeal in this top is in the detail of the fabric.  All you have to do is cut it up & re-sew.  You can do this in under an hour.

Here's the "BEFORE."  It's in great condition, but was too big for me.  I found this at the thrift store.  I paid 12 cents for it.  

I love the white floral embroidery design at the bottom.  I thought about making these into cute toddler pants, but there wasn't enough fabric due to the waist-tie.  So I decided to refashion it into a little black dress for my daughter (btw, she has tons of these tops, so I put it in my Etsy store in case you're in love with it!) using the waist-ties as shoulder ties.

Cut off the top.  Remove the waist-ties and set them aside for later.  As mentioned, these will be the shoulder ties.

Cut out symmetrical arm holes, fold them under and sew.

Fold top down and sew, allowing a 1/2 inch or so gap for threading the shoulder ties.

I am making a single shoulder-tie, so I need one long piece (rather than 2 short ones if you're doing a double-tie).  Take the waist-ties and sew them together.  Thread through the front & back, and tie it on one shoulder into a cute bow.

I've made a few of these shoulder tie dresses, so here's a more detailed step-by-step with photos if you need more clarification.

All done!

My husband & son are camping on a 'boys weekend', so I pulled out the crayons for Cate to try without her older brother snatching them away (or the two conspiring to throw them all over the house).  Cate loved it - and I discovered a new way to keep her entertained!

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