Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Couch to 5K - here I come!

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My good friend Tash told me about "Couch to 5K", a worldwide movement getting people off the couch & into exercise.

Me? I'm active - I run around after my kids & walk the dogs - and I love the idea of being fit, but find it hard to fit it into my schedule. 

So I looked into this "Couch to 5K" program & the idea is this: In 3 months, you will go from the couch to running 5 Ks (3 miles). There is a plan & a whole network of support. There's even an app for your phone!

Tash & I are doing this program starting January 2012. 20 minutes for 3 days a week. The program starts at walk/jog/run intervals. Again, it's designed for the couch potato, NOT the marathon runner.

Sound good?

The hardest thing about working out (getting off the couch...) is having the support.

And that's why I'm inviting you.

We can be each other's support. Or maybe you want to invite a friend to do this with you, too. Or maybe you're already SUPER FIT... in which case you can support me :)

Tash & I are doing our walk/jog/runs at 6 am. Not only is this the best time for us before the kids wake up, but it's also the coolest time of the day in our North Queensland summer.

So I'm getting a new pair of running shoes for Christmas. I'm excited for this! I've never run 5 Ks... maybe one day we'll be able run them together.

Merry Christmas, xoxo


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