Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick coin purse refashioned from Jeans

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Need a last minute gift idea?  Or do you need a project for a young girl to make these school holidays?

I refashioned this coin 'purse' from a jean pocket.  Grab an old pair of jeans (I used these jeans for my baby girl jeans refashion), and cut out bum pocket.

Add velcro to the inside flaps.  I'm not worried about fraying because I sewed the velcro... hopefully  that will prevent fraying?

Time will tell!
And that's it.  I thought about embellishing it with felt, bias tape, buttons, paint, applique.  Perhaps even a long ribbon to make this a purse??

But to be honest, I was happy with it plain.  As it is.

And now this refashion jean pocket is in my purse holding my coins.

Merry Christmas!

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