Monday, December 5, 2011

Refashion baby jeans with reverse applique & bum ruffles

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It's summer and stinkin' hot in Port Douglas.  The kids & I spend days in the pool, and wear t-shirts and shorts when we leave the house.  The air con is on most of the time - and when it's not on, we wish that it was.

But I know my Northern Hemisphere friends are feeling the cold.

So, this one is for you, my NH readers.

Ruffle bums are very popular in Australia, and I thought I'd try to make some ruffle bum jeans - refashioned, of course.

These jeans were a great thrift store find - they are practically new and in great condition.  I loved the stitching on the leg, and decided to keep the external stitches for awesome style.

 Using a pair of pants, trace the legs onto the jeans with a piece of chalk.  Again, I lined up the outside of the leg with the existing jean leg.
 Cut it out.  (you can put the top part of the jeans aside - perhaps to make a pair of capris?)
 Ruffles: I cut some strips about 3 inches wide & 2x the length of the bum.  You can use different measurements to your preference.  Use a long stitch and gently pull them together for a ruffle effect.
Make sure you fold & stitch the sides under.  Put the strips aside for now.
 Applique: cut a piece of matching fabric.

 Pin it to the inside of the jeans, with the right side of the dot-fabric facing the wrong side of the jeans.
 Using a fancy stitch, sew the dot-fabric to the jeans in your desired pattern.
 From the outside, it will look like this:
 Using fine scissors, gently cut the denim between the decorative stitching.  DON'T cut the dot-fabric!!
 Add a cute button for a little pizzaz...
 ... And it should look like this:
 Adding the ruffles:
Measure equal markings to ensure the ruffles are evenly spaced.  Again, use chalk.
 Add a ruffle.  Sew it as shown, with the bottom of the ruffle facing up.  Iron the ruffle down, and stitch along the top to hold it down in place.

 Repeat with all your ruffles.
Turn the waist down, making casing for the elastic.  Thread through - and you're done!

I put the jeans on my daughter for the photos - air con blasting, of course.

 I also refashioned a red & white polka-dot pair from one of my well-loved & too-small jeans from years ago.

 I love the frayed hem on the foot!

Jeans are on my Etsy Store... they are fun to make, but not practical for our climate.  And by the time we visit Grammy & Poppa in Colorado, Cate will need a larger pair...


  1. These are adorable! I don't have a sewing machine that will make such a fancy stitch :(. I do, however, admire your ingenuity and creativity. I think I will stick around and explore your site.
    nleefink at gmail dot com

  2. Thank God i found your tutorial... I got a lot of jeans at home and dreamed to turn all of it into my kids jeans... But yet i have no idea how to make it...

    Thanx to you for the great idea n tute...

    Have a nice day :)


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