Saturday, December 31, 2011

MistleTOES Christmas decoration for kids

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I saw these cuuuute "Mistletoes" from funhandprintart and love the idea!

And they were a big hit with the grandparents, too. 

My kids loved them, too.  They didn't take long to make, and I already had the 'ingredients' needed for it.

First get some posterboard (or if you want to use a tile, plate, etc, to make it a permanent gift.  I am trying to reduce the 'stuff' in my house, so I didn't want to do a 'thing', but was trying to capture their small feet.), and trace a large plate for a circle.

 Using craft scissors with a designed edge (or regular ones), cut them out.  Use your child's shoe to make sure the size is right.

Before you get out the paint, you must do some PREP.  I put a little bit of water in the bath, and had a rag next to me at all times.  I used both of them.

In fact, we did the painting next to the bathtub.  It saved me from worrying about getting green footprints  all over the floor.

Practice the footprint-on-paper before you use real paint, so your child knows what to expect.

Using a paint brush, paint your child's foot (one at a time) - you can use acrylics or Crayola finger-paints.   Beware - it tickles!

Then, use a few other colors - red, blue, purple, and gold for us - for the lightbulbs, using little thumbs to make them.

Don't forget the cluster of berries at the heels!
 Hang them on the Christmas tree.  Perfect & easy Christmas memory.

My 3 year old loved these so much - I can see these "MistleTOES" being a tradition in our home.

Merry Christmas xoxo

Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick coin purse refashioned from Jeans

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Need a last minute gift idea?  Or do you need a project for a young girl to make these school holidays?

I refashioned this coin 'purse' from a jean pocket.  Grab an old pair of jeans (I used these jeans for my baby girl jeans refashion), and cut out bum pocket.

Add velcro to the inside flaps.  I'm not worried about fraying because I sewed the velcro... hopefully  that will prevent fraying?

Time will tell!
And that's it.  I thought about embellishing it with felt, bias tape, buttons, paint, applique.  Perhaps even a long ribbon to make this a purse??

But to be honest, I was happy with it plain.  As it is.

And now this refashion jean pocket is in my purse holding my coins.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Couch to 5K - here I come!

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My good friend Tash told me about "Couch to 5K", a worldwide movement getting people off the couch & into exercise.

Me? I'm active - I run around after my kids & walk the dogs - and I love the idea of being fit, but find it hard to fit it into my schedule. 

So I looked into this "Couch to 5K" program & the idea is this: In 3 months, you will go from the couch to running 5 Ks (3 miles). There is a plan & a whole network of support. There's even an app for your phone!

Tash & I are doing this program starting January 2012. 20 minutes for 3 days a week. The program starts at walk/jog/run intervals. Again, it's designed for the couch potato, NOT the marathon runner.

Sound good?

The hardest thing about working out (getting off the couch...) is having the support.

And that's why I'm inviting you.

We can be each other's support. Or maybe you want to invite a friend to do this with you, too. Or maybe you're already SUPER FIT... in which case you can support me :)

Tash & I are doing our walk/jog/runs at 6 am. Not only is this the best time for us before the kids wake up, but it's also the coolest time of the day in our North Queensland summer.

So I'm getting a new pair of running shoes for Christmas. I'm excited for this! I've never run 5 Ks... maybe one day we'll be able run them together.

Merry Christmas, xoxo


Frilly No Sew T Shirt Refashion

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I'm thinking of trying a new weekly feature: "T-Shirt Tuesdays."  Because I (and you?) seem to have more t-shirts than I can wear, I'd love to have a weekly feature on how to upcycle, recycle, and refashion a t-shirt.

Your thoughts?

Here's the first one:

 I'm not a Hello Kitty fan.  But someone out there is... or was.

I found this long sleeve tight-fitting shirt at the thrift store & picked it up for 20 cents.

Refashioning it was very easy.  

First, I cut off the sleeves.  Then, I put the shirt on again to measure where I wanted my new armpits to be.  You can easily do this yourself - just a pin or chalk and mark on yourself (while wearing the shirt) where you want them to be.

From this armpit mark, draw a straight line from the mark to the bottom of the shirt.

 Then, up along the front/back seam.

Cut little fringes from the outside of the shirt to the straight line you drew earlier.
 Tie them in little knots (make sure they're secure or OOPS! your top will come unravelled.  This isn't the look we're going for...)

You can also cut off the bottom hem if you want.  I did.
Find a hallway mirror & take photos of the shirt.

 This one was very easy, and can easily be done in less than 20 minutes.

Good luck!!  If you do this refashion, I'd love to see your photos!!  Post them on the comments or email them to me & I'll post them (with your permission).

Check in again next Tuesday for another t-shirt upcycle, recycle, and refashion.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Refashion baby jeans with reverse applique & bum ruffles

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It's summer and stinkin' hot in Port Douglas.  The kids & I spend days in the pool, and wear t-shirts and shorts when we leave the house.  The air con is on most of the time - and when it's not on, we wish that it was.

But I know my Northern Hemisphere friends are feeling the cold.

So, this one is for you, my NH readers.

Ruffle bums are very popular in Australia, and I thought I'd try to make some ruffle bum jeans - refashioned, of course.

These jeans were a great thrift store find - they are practically new and in great condition.  I loved the stitching on the leg, and decided to keep the external stitches for awesome style.

 Using a pair of pants, trace the legs onto the jeans with a piece of chalk.  Again, I lined up the outside of the leg with the existing jean leg.
 Cut it out.  (you can put the top part of the jeans aside - perhaps to make a pair of capris?)
 Ruffles: I cut some strips about 3 inches wide & 2x the length of the bum.  You can use different measurements to your preference.  Use a long stitch and gently pull them together for a ruffle effect.
Make sure you fold & stitch the sides under.  Put the strips aside for now.
 Applique: cut a piece of matching fabric.

 Pin it to the inside of the jeans, with the right side of the dot-fabric facing the wrong side of the jeans.
 Using a fancy stitch, sew the dot-fabric to the jeans in your desired pattern.
 From the outside, it will look like this:
 Using fine scissors, gently cut the denim between the decorative stitching.  DON'T cut the dot-fabric!!
 Add a cute button for a little pizzaz...
 ... And it should look like this:
 Adding the ruffles:
Measure equal markings to ensure the ruffles are evenly spaced.  Again, use chalk.
 Add a ruffle.  Sew it as shown, with the bottom of the ruffle facing up.  Iron the ruffle down, and stitch along the top to hold it down in place.

 Repeat with all your ruffles.
Turn the waist down, making casing for the elastic.  Thread through - and you're done!

I put the jeans on my daughter for the photos - air con blasting, of course.

 I also refashioned a red & white polka-dot pair from one of my well-loved & too-small jeans from years ago.

 I love the frayed hem on the foot!

Jeans are on my Etsy Store... they are fun to make, but not practical for our climate.  And by the time we visit Grammy & Poppa in Colorado, Cate will need a larger pair...