Friday, December 21, 2012

Mistletoes 2012

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Is it just me or is time going waaaaaaaay too fast??

Sadly, I haven't posted in nearly a year, and because 1) I recently had my 3rd baby and 2) I turned 31, I became nostalgic and decided to read through my blog old posts.  I re-read my mistletoes from last year, and realized I hadn't yet taken any impressions of my kids' wee prints in a year.

But like I said, time is going waaaaaaay too fast.

So here are the directions for my "2012 MistleToes:"
Cate was my helper while her almost-4 year old brother and 2-month old sister were napping.
I used a sheet of construction paper, some paints, and markers.  I decided to wait to write the kids' names until AFTER their feet were on... just in case.
VERY important: a practice step!  (good thing - Miss Cate & Momma's aim needed work)
When did my 2-year old's feet get so big???
I used red paint & thumb prints to make the berries.

And a few hours later, we have a complete set!  The kids enjoyed it - and what a fun & easy keepsake for our family.  And at the rate of these growing feet, I'm going to need a larger paper next year...

Merry Christmas :)

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