Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pet Bed: For Man's Best Friend made with Man's Unwanted Shirts

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Pet Bed: For Man's Best Friend made with Man's Unwanted Shirt

I love refashioning clothes.  You know.... taking A and turning it into B.  But this is the first time I've made something for a non-human.

And I love this design:
1) I hate dirty pet smells, and because this one is made with cotton shirts, you can easily wash it in the washing machine.  
2) With the velcro opening, you can stuff it with towels, rags, stuffing, pillows, or whatever you want.  And you can take out stuffing again when you want to wash it (see #1).
3) Bringing your pet somewhere?  Bring this too, it's light & compact and, yes, easy to clean.

And it was very easy to make, and didn't take too long.  Here's how to do it:

Take a matching pile of mens' bottom up shirts.  Coordinate the fabrics to suit your pet's personality... or your home decor.

Make a template for the bed pieces.  I used an old cereal box and measured 12 inches x 12 inches square, and then rounded one of the edges.

Cut apart the shirts, removing the sleeves from the larger parts of material.  Using the template, trace & cut 8 pie-shaped pieces for your bed.

Arrange them into the pattern you like, and sew them right-sides together.  Use an iron to press the seams (the ironing isn't 100% necessary, but it makes the overall finished product look sooooo much better.  Trust me - from a non-ironer, I do the ironing when I sew because it looks nicer).  

Continue sewing 4 pieces together to make one full panel (making sure you match your corners in the middle).  Repeat with the other 4 pieces.

Add the velcro.  This is the trickiest part - you don't want to accidentally sew it on the wrong side (like I almost did), so make sure you're paying attention.  Sew it onto the WRONG side (tuck your raw edges under).  Repeat with both sides.  I made my opening approx 4 inches (10 cm).

Put both panels right sides together (match up the seams to make it look nice & tidy).  It's ok if you've made a mistake and the panels aren't 100% the same.  Once your bed is stuffed, ie not laying flat, you'll never notice.  Also, don't forget to make sure Velcro lines up.

Sew Velcro.  And then, with right sides together, sew all around the circle with 1/4 seam allowance.  Start & finish at the Velcro.

Your bed is now inside out.  At the Velcro opening, turn it right side in & VOILA! You have a pet bed.

Find something to stuff it with (I used old dish towels), and give it to your pet.

FYI these make awesome gifts for "that person" that has everything... and you can use any colors & fabrics that you prefer.  Good luck! :)

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