Best Blogger Tips
Q:  "Where do you find the time to sew?!?"
A:  It's a balancing act!
I would sew all day if I could.  But as a full time at-home mother with 2 small kids, there are other things that take priority over my hobby.
I sew while the kids are napping during the day, and I sew when the kids are in bed at night.  I prioritize my day, and 'reward' myself with sewing when I get my chores finished (I HATE cleaning as it's a never-ending chore.  There's always something to do...), and I've found that being disciplined with this is the best way to get chores done in as little time as possible.
Also, I limit my sewing & blogging time during the day as I don't want my kids to remember me doing these things rather than spending this fleeting precious time with them.
And I don't watch much TV.  Except for Glee.
So where do I find time??  I suppose I make the time for it, the way anyone makes time for their hobby.  But like I said, it is a balancing act, and I hope - I think! - I'm managing as best as I can with the time I have.

Q: "Where do you sew?"
A: We've converted a corner of our master bedroom into my sewing nook.  I'll upload a photo.
My 1 year old daughter loves exploring in this area, opening cupboards & pulling out material and bags of scrap.  I suppose the photo speaks for itself.

Q: "Where do you get your ideas?"
A: My local thrift store - Lifeline Mossman - has a 'clearance' rack where every item is $1, or you can fill a bag for $5.  I've filled several bags (um, yeah, again you can see the photo of my sewing room FILLED with refashion projects), and make most of my items from here.  I look at every item as a potential 'something new'.
I also read heaps of blogs, and subscribe to the daily Craft Gossip website.  This site is excellent and full of great ideas.
And many of my friends are crafty, too, so we often bounce ideas off each other.
Lastly, my kids inspire me for projects.  Most of the time, when they need something (a new dress, a pair of shorts), I think about what I have & what I can try to make.  Necessity inspires invention.

Q: "What do you do with all the stuff you make?"
A: My husband asks me this all the time, lol.
My kids have a lot of it, I give away a lot as gifts, and I have several items on my Etsy store.
I also have a wardrobe full of things I've made that are too big for my kids and not yet online for sale.  One day I'll get them online... I'll just add it to the list of things to do 'when I have time'...